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Driven By Heritage

Get to know the all-new American Racing VF404 GTP II

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When former Porsche factory driver and Luftgekühlt co-founder, Patrick Long, set out to modify his 1966 912, he knew he needed a wheel with history—a wheel that would reignite the spirit of his Porsche while paying homage to the craftsmanship and design of a bygone era. Like other Porsche enthusiasts and collectors, he demanded an era-appropriate wheel with modern performance.

However, preserving a 912’s Stuttgart panache and racing pedigree with a new wheel is no easy task. Improving on it? Virtually impossible. But when you’re responsible for the original Torq Thrust GTP wheel used on motorsport legend Vasek Polak’s Porsche racecars of the 1960s—like we were—you know just what to do.

Introducing the all-new American Racing VF404 GTP II. The VF404 is a reimagined and enhanced take on the iconic Torq Thrust GTP. This contemporary version boasts the GTP’s renowned styling with performance enhancements intended to improve your air-cooled Porsche’s driving experience.


The VF404 GTP II is a faithful adaptation of the original Torq Thrust GTP with a modern engineering edge. The GTP II features the famed 5-spoke design and flat profile of the original GTP, along with the classic stepped lip. We took the VF404 to the next level with a 2-piece 6061-T6 forged aluminum construction—pairing vintage style with the lightweight and robust construction of a modern forged wheel. Made right here in the U.S.A.


Customize your choice of wheel finish, width, offset and bolt pattern for a tailored fitment on your vintage Porsche. However, we believe the recreation of a classic wheel can’t stray too far from its original formula. That’s why we made the GTP II in one size: 15”. This is the optimal diameter for vintage Porsche 911s and 912s and allows for more versatility when choosing custom widths and offsets. Choose from the VF404’s standard Polished finish or pick from our custom shop’s endless array of color options.

*Patrick chose a Matte Textured Gunmetal finish to replicate the look of a vintage magnesium wheel.


The “era-correct” mindset of modifying vehicles isn’t some aesthetic trend for obsessive collectors. It’s a way to preserve your vehicle’s spirit—it’s an ode to style and design of our predecessors.  For American Racing, it’s the most fulfilling way to revitalize your passion for your historic ride. That’s why we took painstaking measures to recreate the GTP through a modern lens. The VF404 GTP II is fueled by heritage and built by a passion to keep these timeless Porsche’s on the road and driven hard.


Patrick Long knows cars and good taste. You don’t become a 2-time Le Mans winner and founder of Luftgekühlt—the world’s most invigorating air-cooled Porsche car show, featuring historically significant vehicles from the street and track—without being an authority on style and performance. So, when Long chose the American Racing VF404 GTP II for his personal 912, it says a thing or two: American Racing knows Porsche.