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November 11, 2021


Over 1300 new and iconic exhibitors, and thousands of industry insiders converged on Las Vegas this past week for the annual SEMA trade show. Arguably the largest and most encompassing automotive trade show in the world, SEMA is a prime venue for manufacturers and builders looking to showcase their work and products on the automotive world stage. From car care accessories, audio, racing and performance, to educational seminars, SEMA’s expansive industry offerings are a must-experience for enthusiasts and industry professionals.

2021 marked the return of the show after a Covid-19 related cancellation in 2020. This year saw the welcome addition of the Las Vegas Convention Center West Wing – spanning an astounding 1.4-million square feet which was amply occupied by exhibitors and show attendees. American Racing was adequately represented through variety of mesmerizing vehicles featuring expert craftmanship and ingenuity that has earned SEMA it’s world-class reputation. Whether you were unable to attend this year’s show or simply want to relive the experience, American Racing has you covered with a few of our favorites from the event.

Owner/Builder: Kevin Erickson (@mrmoparman)
Wheels: American Racing AR924 Crossfire
SEMA Booth: Feature Spot
Vehicle Info:

Check out this 1972 Plymouth Satellite with an electrifying surprise. This vehicle has a Tesla motor and battery swap and runs 100% on electric! The owner now calls it the ‘Electrollite’.

Owner/Builder: The Hoonigans (@thehoonigans)
Wheels: American Racing Forged VF503
SEMA Booth: Chevrolet Performance
Vehicle Info:

Is it any surprise that this third-generation Camaro is hiding some unworldly performance secret? After all, it is a Hoonigan car. This is the first vehicle to get the new 632 cubic inch, 1000 horsepower big block from Chevrolet Performance.

Owner/Builder: Phat Phabz (@phat_phabz)
Wheels: American Racing Forged VF514 26×9 and 26×12
SEMA Booth: Feature Spot
Vehicle Info:

This truck received extensive modifications to the chassis, suspension, and body to accommodate 26” wheels and being able to “lay frame.” Take a look at how the VF514’s effortlessly compliment the Ram’s seamless body lines.

Owner/Builder: Chris Decker (@cdeck67)
Wheels: American Racing Forged VF529
SEMA Booth: FiTech Fuel Injection
Vehicle Info:

This El Camino means business. Not only does the matte finish and VF529 wheels add to its aggressive demeanor, but a healthy Magnuson supercharged LS engine gives it the bark and bite to be a true contender.

Owner/Builder: John Oro (@c10club)
Wheels: American Racing Forged VF531
SEMA Booth: United Pacific
Vehicle Info:

This Blazer has been completely built from the ground up. Not one nut, bolt, or piece of this truck hasn’t been modified or restored. A lot of companies have come together to build this Blazer with stellar results.

Owner/Builder: PowerNation TV
Wheels: American Racing VN431 
Vehicle Info:

This Mustang has been built on the PowerNation TV show in conjunction with EBC Brakes as a giveaway car. It has a modern age powerplant make over – utilizing a supercharged 5.0 Coyote engine to bring it’s vintage persona into the new age.