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Thunderstruck: Evan Dalley’s 1969 “Blue Thunder” Camaro SS on American Racing VF545 Forged Wheels
September 8, 2023

Thunderstruck: Evan Dalley’s 1969 “Blue Thunder” Camaro SS on American Racing VF545 Forged Wheels

September 8, 2023

For automotive enthusiasts, few things are as exhilarating and rewarding as witnessing a heavily modified classic pony car tearing up the track. No extra technology or driver's aids, no auto rev-matching, and no creature comforts – just organic car and driver connection. One extraordinary machine is Evan Dalley's 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS, a fierce track competitor named "Blue Thunder." Built by George Reiss of Reiss Racing, Evan's Camaro SS features a slew of track modifications enabling it to rocket around the Streets of Willow, giving builds nearly four decades newer an honest run for their money.

Evan describes his Camaro as an "absolute daily driver that's going to take out anything on the street. Put it on the trailer and be very capable on the track as well." To achieve this level of versatility, Evan knew he needed the ultimate wheel solution. Enter American Racing's 2-piece VF series wheels, the epitome of performance, precision, and style.

Made from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum and built to spec right here in the U.S.A, the American Racing VF545 proved to be the ideal match for Blue Thunder's demanding requirements. Evan explains, "The 2-piece VF series is absolutely perfect for us because I can get any backspace I want. The colors are endless. We built the wheel to match the car." Evan landed on an 18x11" squared setup and finalized his custom VF545s in a brushed gold finish with a polished barrel. American Racing's commitment to customization allowed Evan to order wheels that fit the Camaro flawlessly and captured the essence of Blue Thunder's visual prowess.

When it comes to conquering the track, the Camaro's suspension modifications steal the show. "Some of my favorite mods are going to be the suspension mods," says Evan. While the SS trim featured heavy-duty suspension upgrades and larger brakes over its non-SS Camaro counterpart, its 50-year-old suspension setup has been completely overhauled to compete in the modern age. Evan relied on a slew of parts from TCI Engineering to revamp his classic Chevy into a contender. Paired with the American Racing's VF series wheels, this Camaro experiences unrivaled stability, grip, and rigidity, allowing Evan to push the limits of performance and instill tons of driver confidence. He further emphasizes, "It plants the power. It'll take all the torque you can throw at it."

American Racing's commitment to innovation enables Evan to maximize the potential of Blue Thunder. With the ability to accommodate up to a 12" wheel and a staggering 335" tire, the VF series provides Evan unmatched control and traction, transforming his Camaro into a true track dominator. The combination of cutting-edge technology and American Racing's passion for performance makes Blue Thunder a spectacle on the asphalt.