July 14, 2015


July 14, 2015

Name: Jason-Anthony

Residing City and State: San Mateo, Ca

Vehicle: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, Ski Country Special

Wheel style: VNCL 205, 18×10 rear, 18×8 front

Tire Size: 275/40/18 Rear, 235/40/18 Front
What got you into muscle cars? Even as a young kid, I had always loved the sound of large displacement V8’s and the thrill of getting thrown back in the seat from rapid acceleration. Later, as a freshman in high school, I noticed all the upper classmen with classic cars were popular. I couldn’t hit a 90 mph fastball or throw a football so learning how to build a nice car was the only angle left to play. My car was voted best car my senior year in high school and I won a several street races on the legendary Great Highway in San Francisco.

What’s your earliest memory of muscle cars? My earliest memory of muscle cars is my dad firing up his 57 T-bird on weekend mornings when I was 5 or 6. The exhaust made the house shake and I knew someday I’d have to have a hot rod of my own. That’s what I thought real grown men had to have. My dad taught me well in that regard.

Any racing accomplishments? I built this car to be able to do everything. Ultimately this car was built to run a high 9 in the quarter mile with some boost and be able to be able to maneuver around an autocross course, all while getting pretty good gas mileage in the real world. This car has only been to one grudge night at the strip (in its current setup) and it consistently trapped 125 mph. I am currently auto crossing the car since a power adder isn’t in this year’s budget.

How many cars have you built? This is my first of 7 Mustangs. This is the only one I’ve kept. I’ve had a couple Chevy’s which I also modified and enjoyed for a while.

How long have you owned this car? Since 1996

What does American Racing Wheels mean to you and why did you choose our wheels? It’s well accepted that the original Torque Thrust D looks great on an early Mustang and that that wheel is almost synonymous with the car. Thousands of people have attempted a more modern look by running a polished TT2 wheel and just as many more people have tried to run some sort of Torque Thrust replica. None of those wheels look as good as the Custom CL 205 wheel. These wheels, with the correct 2 step polished lip, the correct colored spoke with the correct curvature, are the best wheels – hands down – available for an early Mustang.  To me, having the “right” wheels made by the “right” company means I don’t ever have to buy another set of wheels for my car. I knew from the minute I saw the first set of custom CL205 wheels on a slammed pro touring mustang, I was going to have them someday.

Any future plans for the current car? I am trying to upgrade cars handling and become a better driver. I will eventually buy and install a blower in the hopes the car runs the ET I initially sought to run.

Do you have a hot rod bucket list? Of course: 1967-69 F-100, 1968 Mustang Coupe, 1962 Chevy Impala, 61-69 Lincoln Continental Convertible, 2004 Cobra Convertible, 1964 Ford Falcon, 1964 Nova

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