Introducing the American Racing VF307


New to the American Racing catalog is the VF307, an addition to the three-piece forged line that offers more customization than ever before.

The VF307 is a modern interpretation of the classic VN427 design. It blends classic design elements with modern features like exposed hardware and a concave profile. Its three-piece construction allows for unmatched flexibility and virtually unlimited finish options.

This strong, lightweight wheel is made with a forged 6061 aluminum center that is attached to forged aluminum rim halves. The center, outer rim, and inner rim can be painted, powder coated, or plated before assembly, while the inner and outer rim halves are available in multiple diameters and widths to create a wide range of sizes and offsets to suit customer needs.

First shown at SEMA on the GT350CR Mustang built by Classic Recreations of Oklahoma, the VF307 was the perfect compliment to build’s special combination of classic Mustang looks and modern 5.0 Mustang running gear.

The VF307 will be available in January.



These are available in several different widths. Please select the desired size so we may determine which tires would fit best