American Racing Introduces New Wheels Just in Time for Summer


American Racing Introduces New Wheels Just in Time for Summer.    

 If you cant find the color you want our custom shop can create them for you. 

The TT Directional VN475 a new directional twist on the Classic Torq Thrust design that will have your hot rod ready for any show. 

The Silverstone VN401 an Iconic design gives the classic styling appearance tuners are looking for available in 14” and 15”, polished and custom finish available.

Sombrero VF509 two-piece wheel gives your ride that old school covered cap look. The Sombrero is available in polished or a custom finish. 

El Gordo VF504 similar to the Sombrero with the flat surface design, what sets the El Gordo apart is the rectangular design elements around the lug holes.

Spoke VF503 lightweight forged construction perfect for the pro touring and auto cross vehicle.  Classic Nascar steel wheel design on the new forged Race Lite barrel. Available in 17, 18” and 20” polished or custom painted. 

5 Spoke VF501 similar to the D Spoke with its forged lightweight construction, designed for the pro touring and autocross customer in mind. 

VF506 two-piece forged center and barrel is based on the Thrust wheel with a split spoke concept.  Available in 17”-24” polished aluminum or custom finish. 

TT60 Truck AR914 new vehicles can now have the classic “Thrust” inspired look with this modern update, available in satin black milled and polished in 18”, 20”, and 22”. 

Chopper AR913 six spoke concave mesh design for the modern muscle car. Satin black or machined gunmetal finishes. 

VF199 True directional wheel with classic fluted spoke accents. 

TTO 2 Piece VN409 two piece cast center with forged barrel, period correct straight spoke design. Available in polished or custom finishes 15”,17”,18” and 20”

These are available in several different widths. Please select the desired size so we may determine which tires would fit best