Name: Kyle Thomas 

Residing City and State: Oxford, NC

Year: 1980

Make: Chevrolet

Model: c10

Wheel size: 20x10 and 20x8 American Racing Torque Thrust 2's polished finish

Tire Size: rear 295/40r20 front 255/45r20

Why this truck? My dad gave me the truck and taught me how to drive it when I was 12. It started off as an old work truck we used to haul trash off and that's when I fell in love with it and started restoring it. I’ve been offered a lot for it and could never let it go. 

What got you into muscle cars? I've always been into cars since I was little. My big brother had a Camaro and a Mustang when I was little so I guess you could say he opened my eyes to muscle cars and got me hooked.

How many cars have you built? This is my first one.  

How long have you owned this car? 10 years

Why did you choose American Racing? I've wanted a set of Torq Thrust wheels as long as I've had the truck. My cousin had them on his 67 impala and ever since I saw them on his car I wanted them. 

Any future plans for the current car? Hopefully, an LS swap in the near future with a lq9 block, bored and stroked to a 408 with heads an intake and a big turbo. 

Do you have a hot rod bucket list? I’d like to drive this truck across the country to California and back. And build a few more trucks and cars to have fun in and hopefully pass it on to my kids someday.

Vehicle specs: it's lowered 4.5/6 with a mcgaughys lowering kit has a 350 small block with vortec heads edelbrock intake Holley carb. Paint is navy blue metallic from 01 Trans ams 6000k hids magnaflow magnapack mufflers longtube headers 

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