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The return of the renowned Torq Thrust GTP is here. We are proud to introduce the American Racing Torq Thrust GTP II. Made famous for being the wheel of choice for race-built Porsche 911s and 912s of the 1960s, the Torq Thrust GTP is an iconic motorsport wheel with timeless style. We ensured the American Racing VF404 GTP II paid homage to the original wheel with the classic profile, racing pedigree, and an all-new 2-piece forged aluminum construction. 
The GTP II is perfect for enthusiasts building a period-correct air-cooled Porsche and requiring a modern solution over vintage magnesium wheels. Dial in the perfect fitment with custom widths and offsets and give your classic Porsche the American Racing style of the 1960s. 

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Specifications Chart

Model Part# Finish Size Bolt Pattern Backspace Offset Bore Weight Load Lip Size Cap MSRP USD
VF404 GTP II VF4041550XX POLISHED 15X5 BLANK XXmm 0.00 lbs $1,005.00
VF404 GTP II VF4041560XX POLISHED 15X6 BLANK XXmm 0.00 lbs $1,010.00
VF404 GTP II VF4041570XX POLISHED 15X7 BLANK XXmm 0.00 lbs $1,015.00
VF404 GTP II VF4041580XX POLISHED 15X8 BLANK XXmm 0.00 lbs $1,020.00
VF404 GTP II VF4041590XX POLISHED 15X9 BLANK XXmm 0.00 lbs $1,025.00
VF404 GTP II VF4041510XX POLISHED 15X10 BLANK XXmm 0.00 lbs $1,035.00

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