Tyler Thomas slides into victory lane at the 2015 POWRi Illinois Speed Week.

Tyler Thomas drove the American Racing midget to victory last night in the 2015 POWRi Illinois SPEED Week midget finale at Belle Clair Speedway in Belleville, IL. This is the 3rd Annual Illinois Speedweeks presented by Toyota in which consisted of 4 consecutive nights of racing with approximately 60 entries from all over the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.  

Our 19 year old stand out had a podium 3rd on the opening night of the series in Quincy , Il after leading a few laps and nursing a mechanical issue to the finish.  On night two in Jacksonville, IL,  Thomas also lead laps and traded the lead but fell victim to a cut right rear tire while running 2nd with 4 laps to go. Night three, Thomas won his heat, but his night ended crashed in his qualifier.



June 4,  Quincy, IL 

2nd        Heat 2

3rd         Main Event


June 5, Jacksonville, IL

             1st         Heat 3

            16th       Main Event – Cut tire running second 4 laps to go.


June 6th, Macon, IL

             1st         Heat 4

            18th       Qualifier 3, accident


June 7,  Belleville, IL

             2nd        Heat 2

            1st         Qualifier 1

            1st         Main Event



USAC Indiana Midget week starts this Wednesday for 5 consecutive nights of racing in Indiana.